Went up the East Fork of Eklutna yesterday. I've always wanted to get all the way into the bowls in the back end of it. After the second falls it became difficult to keep track of the trail as it is very over grown. Lost the trail several times on the way in and several more on the way out. After 5 hours of busting brush I finally made it to the top of the knoll near the end of the trail. My intent was to start sidehilling up from there, but with the amount of time it took me to fight my way to there I decided to turn back.

Saw four little dink rams and a couple of black bears on the hillsides from the knoll as well as the scattered goats on The Miter. The highlight was the lynx on the main Eklutna trail near the East Fork trail head. My first lynx sighting.

A buddy mentioned that the trail may not be cleared much anymore due to the reduced number of sheep tags they've let go for that area over the last few years.