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Thread: Bow Strings and Bow Tuning in Fairbanks, Alaska

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    Default Bow Strings and Bow Tuning in Fairbanks, Alaska

    Hey, I am just putting this out there. I know its a forum to discuss things, and I am putting this also on the advertisment page, but I want to make sure that people in Fairbanks know we are still around.

    We had to stop producing due to medical illness last year. Now the local guy here has closed shop so we are the only ones in town who are making strings and tuning bows.

    So it's Spring and time for a new set of strings and to get that bow tuned up and ready to go.

    We make custom strings in Fairbanks, Alaska. We make them nationwide and have for 16 years. We also Tune Bows and are the only ones in Fairbanks who can tune your bow with precision. We can repair bows also.

    • Repair minimum is $35 up to $175 plus parts

    • $50 for recurve and longbow
    • $80 per set for all others
    • $150 for set and tuning

    • Call us on crossbows. We do crossbows but it will vary for each bow

    Our strings are:

    <> NO Shoot-In Times (they shoot the same the first shot and the 100th shot)
    <> NO Stretch
    <> NO Rotation... EVER

    We have testimony to the quality of our strings and the fact that they are all of what we say.

    Because of this some hunters take an extra set with them in the field because they do not have to worry about shoot-in time.

    We have various colors and can get them made in a timely matter.

    Give us a call or send a text to (907) 378-1354 and ask for Joe or call (907) 347-2244 and leave a message or send a text.

    Thank you and have a great Spring!

    I tried to post other photos but they would not attach for some reason. I have them and can send them if you request them!
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