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Thread: Gulkana flies

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    Default Gulkana flies

    I was wondering what are popular flies for the galkana? I have only fished it with spinning tackel and would love to start fly fishing the river. Any advice would be great. One more thing if anyone will give me any advice. Where about would be a good place to start. Do people fish at the sourdough boat launch? I'm not looking for your secret honey hole just a good place to get my line wet and maybe even get a fish. I have fished by the Richardson bridge. That was a long time ago when you could walk in from the other side and fish the hole on the oppsite side. LIke I said before any advice would be great.

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    This is Kevin; Moose is out fishing but I am checking his forum Q & A's till next week.

    Flies on the Gulkana are tricky at best - Standard Bright Green / Yellow with eyes for fishing deep do catch Kings- Size 2 Bunny Hair fished slow and deep.
    Flash Flies again large, and a little dude called Purple Death which is a Bunny Fly as well. I have had some luck over the years fishing Bullet Head Crystal Flash Flies as well. Tandom Tube Fly and or Large Spey do good.

    Your Main problem fishing Sourdough Down to the Bridge is Water lots of Water. King Fishing is not exciting in that area fly fishing. Look towards fishing the Mouth by the Copper were fish stack prior to entering it is flies only.

    Above the Forks it can be very prodcutive first you're sight fishing for the most part, and 2nd you have limtied water so the fish tend to be stacked.

    If you are pounding grayling standard Caddis, Madam X, Wulff series on top under the water standard size 4 or 6 olive woolly bugger bead or cone head.

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