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Thread: First night in toy hauler....

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    Smile First night in toy hauler....

    We bought a 30' Raptor bumper pull toy hauler a week ago and had my daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandkids spend the night in it with us to see how we all fared. We were in my yard and we had a nice camp fire, good food and the out side speakers sounded great. At bed time we lowered the 2 rear queen bunks and folded out the couch and with the front queen bed every one had lots of space. Into our sleeping bags we went with books, I Pads, etc, life was good. The temperature dropped fast and a short time later we realized the propane tank was empty. No problem as the other tank was full so we were back in the sleeping bags, but wide awake. A couple hours later we realize some how the heat was turned down to 50 as every one was still cold. We cranked it up to 74 and slept hard till about 8:00 when one of the little ones peed the bed. Woke up tired, cleaned up the pee, told the little one we have all peed the bed and told every one pee happens and what happens in the camper stays in the camper! All in all it beat the heck out of sleeping on the ground in a leaky tent! LOL

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    Sounds like a fun trip. Seems like every time we go out one of my kids either pukes or pees in the bed.


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