Rode a 25 mi loop today
25 mi trp.jpg,6,7,8,9&z=12

Map is a little off, there's a new road that goes from Nicola Ave. all the way to church (actually past church).
That's how I go thru Wasilla now. (couple blocks N of Parks Hwy) Much safer & less traffic, good wide roads. A couple nice paved bike paths too.
Church bike trail is real nice, *** but ends at Spruce, from there Church is a little narrow to Seldon, but not bad.
The West end of Seldon is a super wide road& has a bike trail on the So side to Lucile
Pic of Church at the Seldon turn & then the super wide Seldon section to Lucile:

(1.5 section of Seldon from Lucile to Fishhook is a bit narrow, Straight & low traffic (40 mph)
The rest of the route is good. Wide roads with good shoulder and/or good paved bike trail .
Still sand/gravel to deal with, I see water trucks getting filled, must be starting to sweep the roads.

Seldon/Bogard has several stores, so if you need food or drinks, easy enough to get.