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Thread: Delta/Fairbanks Taxidermist Recommendation for Bison

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    Default Delta/Fairbanks Taxidermist Recommendation for Bison

    I was lucky enough this year to draw the delta bison bull tag coming up for the fall and I've decided that I would like to do a shoulder mount for it. I have only ever mounted a few sets of caribou antlers on wood plaques in the past, and thus, have never even attempted to cape out an animal for full taxidermy work. Not wanting to screw up my bison, I was thinking that if I were lucky enough to harvest one, I would like to take it to a taxidermist in delta or Fairbanks fairly quickly to get the eyes/lips/etc. done on it, since I've never done any of that, nor have I ever done any fleshing.

    Can anyone on here give me any recommendations for good taxidermists in that area that I could contact and see if this is something they would be willing to work with me on? Thanks in advance.
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    Yes I can say that I could handle the Bison project.

    I have done Big ones, Small ones & in between ones. ( LOTS of em)

    We are open 5 days a week & by APOINTMENT can be open on Saturday or Sunday. After hours check in Available by Appointment also

    I have a nice Show room so you can see my work up close.

    I Also have a Website that has a lot of animals that I have mounted over the years.

    Also on my web site you will see the Awards & Accomplishments I have EARNED over the last 20 years .

    ALL of our work is Guaranteed for satisfaction.

    Custom work & poses are also our specialty. Because not ALL poses come out of the box from the supply companies.

    I also can supply LOTS of references. Been doing TAXIDERMY Full time since 1996.

    On a Side note Bison are not that hard to mount ( For a Competent Taxidermist) But they are VERY easy to screw up if not prepped & mounted properly.

    We are located 20 miles West of Fairbanks.

    Give me a call any time.

    Call before coming out !!

    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy
    907 322 0936
    Custom Taxidermy, Experience the difference !!


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