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Thread: crossposted 45-70 ammo question

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    Default crossposted 45-70 ammo question

    this is also posted in the shooting section but thought id post here as well since not everyone goes to every section. my son just purchased his first rifle. he got a henry 45-70. henry said they don't recommend the lever evolution ammo. we are wondering what ammo would be good to put through it at the range. he also wants to hunt moose and bear with this rifle and need some advise about ammo to hunt with. I am not familiar with lever guns and can use all the advise I can get.

    thanks matt

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    Go to Marlinforums and they have a thread just on the 45-70 and if you go down on the main forum page there is a thread for other lever action rifles and there is a section on the Henry rifle,a heavy hitter is the Grizzly 405gr and the 300-325 gr are also good. Didn't know Henry said that about the Hornady 325 FTX being it was made for levers.
    i need to check it out.

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    Ok due to shorter case they do not recommend leverEvolution ammo makes sense...It looks like the guys are likeing the Federal ammo the most,I have a Marlin 45-70 and it shoots the Federal 300gr nice enough and it likes the 405gr also but it really shoots everything I've put in it just fine,just be carefull not to dent or smack the feeding tube it seems to be a small issue but for the most part it sounds like a very nice 45-70.


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