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Thread: Exhaust manifold and riser replacement. VP vs. Barr

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    Default Exhaust manifold and riser replacement. VP vs. Barr

    I need to replace the manifolds and risers on a Volvo Penta 5.0 GI. Locally the VP set is $1450. I found the Barr set for $600 plus shipping($250-$300) and it comes with all new hardware. There are other brands such as GLM, but they have a bad rep so I am not interested in them. I am told that the VP ones are a little thicker metal,but I can't find any other reviews or comparisons. One review on the GLM said that they were much louder. I usually change them every 5 years or less, so I'm wondering if I should just go with the Barrs and save a few bucks($500). Does anyone have any experience this that may have some feedback? Thanks for any replies.

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    Sierra manifolds with free shipping from Seattle. About $200 a piece. Not sure of risers. Looking at about $600 total. If they suck, then get two sets and you will still be ahead.

    Want to bite the bullet and never change them again? Then maybe look at the stainless steel riser and manifold header type set-up like these from Hi Tek. Will cost you about $2K but then in 5 years you won't have to change them out. I have them on a 351W. They are tough to bolt on and I would not do them again for a 351 just for that. They work great otherwise and weigh well under 1/2 of stock manifolds and risers. The 350 bolts are much easier than the 351, so I might endorse the product for a GM motor. Be careful of the horsepower claims unless you are going to modify your motor a bunch with a performance intake, cam and such.


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