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    What a night! Decided to wait until we thought everyone would be back to work and boy were we wrong! There was tons of folks there last night! Fortunately there 10x the fish to match. Bears are starting to show down there and I hear a few of the flares that are used to deter them. Carcass cleaning was not up to snuff and folks were still leaving fish whole and not tossing them very far into the river. It is imparative to save lives (human and bruin) to try to cooperate folks. The other thing I have to comment on is the safety on the roads; I was passed like I was standing still when I was doing 55 (yup, 55; you save tons of gas and money that way and lose very little time at your destination). SLOW DOWN! You are not going to catch many fish when you are strapped to a board and being life flighted to Anchorage and worse yet; you could take someone else's life just because you thought you needed an extra 7.5 minutes of fishing. Stopped at the tailrace on the way and they are finally starting to show; one more week and everyone should have a good time there. A few carcasses by the table and I saw 4 landed in the hour and a half that I was there. Have fun, be safe, save fuel.
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    Thanks for the report
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