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    Successful 1000 yd match held last weekend.

    Craig writes

    Guess we are "GOOD GUYS" huh? In the great grand scheme of things
    though, I feel that most of the credit goes to Ed Christensen for his
    direct contact with the range folks. Without his help there never would
    have been the actual communication that removed the red tape and old
    news planning that is bread by bureaucracy.
    We had a great time and those who missed it lost out.

    From: Craig []
    Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007 9:18 PM
    To: Thurmond Steven B CIV USA USAG-AK DTA Range Control FGA
    Cc: Christensen, Ed
    Subject: Colorado Range

    On behalf of the folks who got to participate in the long range matches
    we were allowed to shoot this past weekend, 16-17, June on Colorado KD
    Range; I would like to express our sincere THANKS!! to you and your
    staff for the support.

    We understand that using the KD range is a privilege extended to us and
    we would like to express our gratitude. Colorado Range is the only
    known 1000 yard KD range in Alaska. Some of us have participated in
    National level Competition and getting the chance to hone our skills
    here at home is a real treat. This is also a great training vehicle for

    our Civilian Marksmanship Program.

    Thank you and your staff for the opportunity,

    Craig Parker
    Alaska Rifle Club

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    Where is the Colorado Range?

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