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Thread: Taxidermy Supplies & form sale coming in June at PRO Taxidermy !!!

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    Default Taxidermy Supplies & form sale coming in June at PRO Taxidermy !!!

    I will be having a Taxidermy supplies & Forms sale this june.

    All of the forms are NEW & Mostly All are Uncut. On Moose , Caribou & some lifesizes this saves Lots of time & money to Not have to put them back together.

    Below is a list of Some of the things I have for sale;

    Most are Research manikins forms.

    Moose shoulders
    Caribou Shoulders
    Sheep Shoulders & Pedistal forms
    Mtn Goat Shoulders
    Bison Shoulders
    Lynx Lifesize forms
    Fox Lifesize forms
    Wolverine Lifesize forms
    Black Bear Lifesize forms
    & a couple of Wolf lifesize forms.

    Rock making supplies

    Dextrine in Bulk for hide paste
    Dry Potters clay 50 lb bags
    Potasium permanganate for staining antlers
    Coarse Mache
    Fantastic cast kits, ( Quarts)
    Oxalic acid for tanning
    Lutan FN for tanning
    Aluminum Sulfate for tanning

    Blue Nitrile gloves Med & XLarge

    Removable antler pins & sleaves for Moose & Caribou

    Lifesize Mount bases for Bears.

    Pedistal mount bases , Free standing & table top.

    Moose, Sheep, Caribou, Wolf, Bison, Lynx & Bear eyes.

    There will be more available at the time of the sale.

    Sale starts June 1 Ends June 15

    Prices will be posted at the time of the sale.

    As I said , these are NEW forms , Not something I am just getting rid of.

    All of these supplies & or Forms are in FAIRBANKS.

    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks
    907 322 0936
    Custom Taxidermy, Experience the difference !!

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