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Thread: Kudos to this young Alaskan and his 'emergency kit'

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    Default Kudos to this young Alaskan and his 'emergency kit'

    Very nice. I really enjoy reading about these kind of kids. As AK outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, I hope we support his young (made in Alaska/USA) business by purchasing his products.
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    Grayson is an awesome kid and he's a heckuva little hunter.

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    That is very inspiring. His parents must be both extremely proud and also very involved in his adult education. Teaching young adults how to think and do is the best part of being a parent, IMO. It's encouraging to say the least.

    Good for him.


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    Very impressive. I will make sure to check out his product at B&J's the next time I am in Anchorage. I would recommend he consider talking to Mike Strahan (owner of ODD) as another possible outlet for his product ...also displaying at the up coming Great Alaskan Sportsman Show would prob be a good idea. Good Luck.
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