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Thread: Homer Derby Results!

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    Default Homer Derby Results!

    First of all thank you to the Homer Chamber and the city. They even had a kayak division for us. We had a great time. We had 7 kayakers total of which 5 were with the crew.

    I think we went two for three managing a 16 and 13 pounder. For the group. Had we landed the third fish, our average per line would have been close to the powerboats.

    It can be done! I even managed a fish the day before pre-fishing. Ultra psyched. We will be back!!!!
    I think I got both fish on video so once I get home I can post those.

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    My pre-fishing King the day before.
    My personal pages...I'm not a guide.

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    Looks like a great time Rudy...thanks for the report.

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    very nice! looks like you had a great time. The water looks great! Good job!

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    Nice job Rudy!
    Thanks for the report.
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    Thanks all. I was also fortunate enough to both fish on video. Tad longer than normal at 5 minutes but its hard to believe I landed both fish in that span of time. Between turning on the gopro and editing out the first seconds of adjusting it on my head, I bet it adds only another 30seconds max total for both fish.

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    Picture album of the derby. Almost all of the pics courtesy of Michele Carter.

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    It's hard to beat a glassy day on the inlet when the fish are biting that's for sure........
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