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Thread: Talo engraved 629 Whitetail 44 Mag

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    Default Talo engraved 629 Whitetail 44 Mag

    thinkin on buying a S&W 629 with Talo engraved whitetail. Anyone familiar with the quality of Talo engraving or coments on 629? I have a 686, same gun in 357, didn't always like the balance of the heavy lug but probably need it in a 44 for reduced recoil. Comments appreciated.

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    Talo had Barons engrave these in 2003, they do a GREAT job, very clean laser work. I hear they also did the work on the Alaskan Extreme Backpacker in 500s&w

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    Default I love my 629

    No comments/insight on the engraving but I absolutly love my 629. It's stainless with rubber grips and a 4 inch barrel. Nothing special about the looks, but that makes it easier to beat through the brush and wade through the rivers. It's a handful but a pleasure to shoot. I carry it a lot of places. Its my primary bear medicine while I'm carrying a fly rod and it's an easy packer and tent companion on backpack trips.


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