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Thread: Brooks Range: Lake Nutuvukti

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    has anyone of you ever been on that lake, and paddled its outlet down to the Kobuk River?

    Since I check my emails more often, you can also send me a reply to the following email:

    Thanks and greetings

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    I've floated Walker Lake to Pah River. I looked into putting in on Nutuvukti but friends who have done so recommended Walker Lake instead. I was told that sometimes water levels make it difficult for larger float planes to land, and that you may end up lining some of your way to the Kobuk. Plus, walker Lake is awesome.

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    If you're thinking about hunting potential, it's not all that friendly for moose. steep northern circumference around the lake. winds are notoriously squirrely. Much of that country cooked black back in the 90s, the lake surrounds recovered but moose really haven't shown a preference for it.

    That outlet will not be kind. It's been a while since I've been due to moose decline, but the fire weakened the root systems of many timbers....feld blowdowns rule.

    IMO, you'd better off scratching that plan and hire a Beaver on wheels to drop you on a river near the Park boundary. Call Dirk out of Coldfoot, he knows that area well.

    shoot me an email if you dont get any help otherwise.

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    thanks a lot for your answers!

    Thanks, Larry, for trying to help me out, once again! I will write you an email soon!



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