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Thread: Maxxis tires alaska

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    Default Maxxis tires alaska

    Anybody seen any dealers in ak with maxxis zillas yet?
    Thought id go ahead and chk on any local prices before I order from down south. Thxs

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    Default ebay

    I haven't seen any in Anchorage, but I can tell you I just ordered some off ebay Lytle Racing Group was selling, they have 27" and 28" for $459 for 4 tires. including shipping and they were the only place that did deliver to Alaska.... So I ordered some last week and they showed up on my doorstep last night. Can't beat the price, and maybe they didn't take into account the shipping costs to Ak, but hey great company and great that they shipped free to Ak...

    The Zilla's are a lightweight mud tire, lighter than mud lights, 6 ply tire. some on the internet say they run about a 1/2 inch small, so take that into consideration when ordering.

    If no one in Anchorage can beat that price, then I say order off Ebay, frankly from what I've seen all the shops start at $200 bucks for a tire so I'm doubting anyone can beat or match the price.

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    Check with chad at a2d sled works, he might be able to get you a set. Great guy to do business with.

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    Bar300, thxs for the info that does sound like a smokin deal, last time I had priced these tires with shipping it wasn't near that price.
    Thxs again for the tip. Jcook87 I will check with chad at a2d as well thxs.

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    Find an online dealer that ships for free to the lower 48. Have them shipped to Tacoma and use a company like Carlile Express to ship to Anchorage. I had all four ATV tires shipped that way for about $65. The ATV tires seem to be a fixed rate up here, but no way would I spend $200 each, the going rate for the tires I wanted. I saved 45% by not buying in Alaska.
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    I've done the same thing on the last two sets of Zillas I bought. Less than $400 vs local vendors who don't even want to try for your business at $800. Really, there are so many other tires out there than the same old ITP tires that everybody carries. If a local vendor offered an annual springtime group buy special, they could earn a lot of business that would carry throughout the year. Chad at A2D did that with snowmachines, and look how his business has grown from a little detail shop. Hopefully his new shop brings even more!


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