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Thread: DM783 Archery Success

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    Default DM783 Archery Success

    Last year I was fortunate enough to pull DM783, an archery hunt around Delta Junction. I made two unsuccessful (and very cold!) trips up in October and December, and ran into some seemingly very low moose numbers. Lucky for me, the hunt lasted until the end of February, so we decided to give it one last go before time was up. The weather ended up being perfect, nice and balmy 25-35 degree days really had the moose up and moving regularly in the mornings and evenings. Friday and Saturday both ended in a couple of unsuccessful stalks, but hey, we were seeing moose! Sunday morning, the last one before we were heading home, I finally connected with a very healthy cow. It all happened so fast, there wasn't time to break out the rangefinder and say for sure, but I guessed the shot to be 35-40 yards quartering slightly away. The arrow did its job wonderfully, and she made only about a 50 yard run before she fell over on a powerline. She's my third moose ever, but the first with the bow, and it'll be hard to get another one more memorable than this. The whole archery thing really adds a whole new dimension to the chase. I was in rifle range of every single moose I stalked on this trip, and definitely got frustrated more than once thinking, "If only I could be using my .300..." But in the end, everything worked out beautifully, and I came away from the experience with a waaay bigger appreciation for my hunting in general, AND a big pile of meat in the freezer.

    Ryan from Wasilla

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    Congratulations Ryan! I hope you used something insulated to remove your moose from the power line!

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    Congrats Ryan!


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