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    Looking at getting either the AO12 or Arctika can't decide which one. Who has one of these. Did you make the right choice or would you rather have one or the other. Help me decide pros and cons. My understanding Arctika is lighter smaller and packs to a smaller size. Ao12 bigger better pole structure bigger vestibule but heavier and bulkier when packed.

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    I've got the AO 10, but have spent a couple weeks in an Arctika while hunting on Kodiak. The one thing about the Arctika that I did like was that it handles the wind better, but if you guy out the AO12 well enough it handles it just fine. I like the regular AO better, just seems roomier, and the vestibule is indispensable.

    If you're in Anchorage head down to AK tent and tarp, they should have them set up in there.
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    I own an Artika and have spent quite a few nights in the AO 12 with vestibule. I personally prefer the AO 12. The only advantage to the Artika is that the two extra poles make for a very tight pitch in the wind. "smaller and lighter" are certainly not words I would use to describe it though. It's over 60 lbs and packs down to about the size of a 3 yr old elephant! In real life, the Artika and the AO 12 are within a few lbs of each other if both spec'd the same and both are very bulky. They take up the same acreage at a camp site too.

    IMO, the square shape of the AO 12 make it easier to use multiple cots, and the cots can be pushed all the way back against the wall, making it seem bigger. The short side lengths of the Artika make that tough. Thus my preference. No doubt the vestibule is priceless with either tent.

    My favorite Arctic Oven is the AO 10 with vestibule. Notably lighter/smaller than either of the above mentioned, and still plenty of space for two people with heat or three without heat when using cots. That's basically all my Artika is good for despite the much greater square footage.


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    Everybody has their preferences...

    I'd take the AO10/12 in a heartbeat over the Arctika. I love the AO12 for longer term camps...for a weekend trip it's not worth the hassle of hauling it and setting it up. In fact, the AO12, 10 and Arctika are all pretty hefty.

    For float trips, fly outs and other hunts where space and weight are limited look at the Pipeline. You can sleep 4 without the stove and 2 with it... and it still has most of the good features of the AO at 20lbs in a medium duffle bag package.
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    I own a AO10x10 that has been every where and in all kinds of conditions up to 60 days at a time guiding and has held up great since I bought it in 1982. I would get the 12X12AO with vestibule for my next tent. I have used the Arctika and while its a good tent it is low ceiling and angles make it hard for 4 folks on cots. The 12X12AO has mode usable room.

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    I can't speak for the AO, but the Arktika that I have has withstood winds on Adak of 70+mph. If you're going to be using any of these tents in windy areas with no alder brush to tie off to take along a few two foot long screw anchors the tent won't go anywhere.

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    I have the AO12 with vestibule and absolutely love it. 4 guys with cots and gear pretty easily. The vestibule is amazing, i would strongly recommend it...


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