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    I have found a used Savage Axis in 30-06 for a fair price. I have not had any dealings with the Axis. Are they a good gun or one you need to avoid?

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    I have bought a couple for gifts over the last couple years. Both shot sub moa right out of the box. Obviously not a high end rifle but my sample size of two has left me impressed in bang for the buck.

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    Coupla friends have bought them for back-up and loaners. Now they shoot them more than any of their other guns. No first-hand experience myself, but I think there's something going on with the Axis that's worth exploring.

    Keep us posted!

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    I think its the best of the "economy rifles" out right now, a lot of bang for the buck there.
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    I got three of them at the house. A 223, and two 243's.

    For the money decent guns. The 223 is a tack driver if I do my part.

    The scopes that come with them, if its a package deal, are low end quaility. That was the frist thing I replaced.

    I do not care for the feel of the plastic magazine, but have not had one fall out yet. The magazines do have a lot of extra room if you are handloading and want to seat the bullets long.

    I like the price range for the rifles and if I had one thing to change would be the trigger. Savage did not put their accu-trigger on the earlier models, but I hear tell the newer versions (Axis II) have the trigger. But the trigger on the axis is not a bad trigger. Minimal travel and light.

    With new prices being in the mid-300 daollar range I would expect used to be in the high 200's or low 300's and at that price it is a good deal.

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    I picked up a used one in 223 & camo last week. Had exactly 60 rounds fired in it. Pulled the trigger out. Dug out the yellow stuff and screwed the spring in as far as it would go. now has a 2 3/4 lb trigger. Off to the range. Impressed with my 300 dollar purchase accuracy wise. Little hard to single feed but other wise functions a-ok. Spare mags are a dumb price. Tested with 35-52-55 gr loads at 100 & 200yds. Rifle likes whatever reload I feed it so far.


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