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Thread: Canoe Kwethluk River?

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    Default Canoe Kwethluk River?

    Anybody with first-hand experience canoeing the Kwethluk River from the upper river near Crooked Creek down to the middle-lower stretches below Elbow Mountain?

    What's the character of the river?
    What sort of obstacles / hazards?
    Skill level needed to descend it in a canoe?

    Thanks for anything

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    I have not canoed the river, but I have floated it seven times from Boundary Lake to Three Step Mountain. The section you mention would be challenging in canoe. It is fast and the channels change all the time. There are a lot of sweepers and when you get below Elbow Mt. and get into the braids, it just gets western.

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    That is exactly the kind of intel I was looking for. Thanks for the response.


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