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Thread: FloScan or similar on older 75 HP Outboard

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    Default FloScan or similar on older 75 HP Outboard

    Anyone here have a Floscan or similar fuel flow meter on an older 2 stroke 75 HP or similar motor with a jet? I have a couple of really long (to me) river trips and am thinking that this type of meter might help get the most range per gallon. I appreciate any input and pointers, they look fairly straight forward to install from what I can read.

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    Lowrance has an inline fuel sensor for their gps/chartplotter units. I think they are around $75? Floscan units are great but are $300ish. What is just as important is your total number of gallons used (so long as you know how many gallons you have on board).


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    I installed a Flo Scan on my boat a long time ago. I am really happy with it.
    But it took a few trips to get it dialed in.
    After it was set it is accurate to 1-3 gallons per trip.
    If you decide to get it I would call Flo Scan and have them tell you which model to buy.
    There customer service has been good for me.

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    Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. I'll know how much I have on board, since I just carry a couple of 15 gallon cubes and then 5 gallon jugs.


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