I've started to build a power drifter for the river in my area. I bought a 2007 Mercury 9.9 fourstroke for use on 15' Kaboat. I also bought a Clackacraft prop guard. I just noticed that the motor has a trim ratcheting feature that puts the motor in 5 separate positions as the motor goes from down to up. I don't think this feature is going to be very beneficial for me because I want to be able to bump off a rock and have the motor go straight back down. Currently, I'd need to raise the motor to it's extreme up position before I can get the motor to it's normal trim position. Is there any way to defeat this ratcheting trim position feature? It looks like I could modify the pawl/latch that seats the motor in it's running position, but I didn't know if there was another way. Thanks for any help in advance.

Augusta, GA