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Thread: captians lic for a pleasure boat?

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    Default captians lic for a pleasure boat?

    hi guys...if a person owns a , say 80 foot "boat" and uses it for pleasure use, is there a legal requirement to pass some level of captions test?
    ..something like the "6 pack " lic.
    thx larry

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    I think that if it is a personal boat for personal use you do not have to have a captains license. Having a captains license for your personal use boat will make you more liable in an accident. Both boat drivers are always liable (according to USCGA).

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    If you have a paying costumer then you have to have a 6 PACK but if it is a private boat for pleasure only then no you do not need to have the license. That goes for any size boat.

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    You don't need a captains license from the state or fed's, but you will need permission from a higher power to be captains...............your wife. LOL

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    Just in case you go bigger than 80'. Even though you might not need a Captain's License, over a certain size boat, I think over 100', there are pretty specific anchoring requirements, like someone has to be aboard the vessel at all times if anchored outside a harbor. There was a guy that had large boat in Homer, planned to leave it anchored inside the Spit, but ran into that. You can find some good deals on big boats sometimes since they cost so much more to maintain (and gas up). Local Coast Guard Aux could probably answer any questions.

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    thx guys..maybe now this fellow workers wife
    will believe him!!..she insists that boats over 30 feet need to have a certified capt on board!!(not sure where she got this idea??
    ...thx larry

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    I notice that the original poster appears to be in Canada, but everyone who responded about the laws/regulations is in Alaska. I know some of the laws are different, such as all power boaters minimally needing an Operator Card in Canada, where that is not the case in the US. I don't know the answer to the boat length and captain's license question, but it might be useful to have someone knowledgeable about Canadian law respond just to make sure-- or better yet, check with Canadian authorities and come back to tell us what they said.

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    Hi again! well, I finally got a response after playing email/phone tag for a couple of days!

    The answer is NO!....You can "captian" the biggest/baddest/fastest pleasure ship on earth and all you need is the boaters card in Canadian waters!(kinda scary-oh well)I bet it is the same in Alaska as a lot of boats run by Prince Rupert(my port) and then run up not far from here to
    kechikan and up!
    ..funny the coast guard did not have an answer to this question( or didn't want to answer)

    see below for the last set of emails! larry

    From: Geary, Nicole
    Sent: Monday, March 09, 2015 12:27 PM
    To: Seidemann, Sheila
    Subject: RE: Upper size limit for PCOC

    Hi Sheila,
    No there is no maximum tonnage for operating a pleasure craft with PCOC.


    Niki Geary

    Boating Safety Officer, Office of Boating Safety
    Transport Canada/ Government of Canada Tel: 604-666-1496

    Agent de la sÚcuritÚ nautique, Bureau de la sÚcuritÚ nautique
    Transports Canada/ Gouvernement du Canada TÚl.: 604-666-1496

    From: Seidemann, Sheila
    Sent: Monday, March 09, 2015 11:26 AM
    To: Geary, Nicole
    Subject: Upper size limit for PCOC

    Hi Nicole. Just had a call from a client who is wondering if there is an upper size/tonnage limit for PCOC holders operating pleasure craft.

    I thought there was a limit, but I am not sure and would like to know as well.


    Sheila Seidemann

    Clerk, Marine Safety and Security
    Transport Canada / Government of Canada
    Prince Rupert BC / Tel: 250-627-3045 / TTY: (613) 990-4500

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    Yes. It's the same kind of deal for an RV. As long as the vehicle is not for hire and an rv all one needs is a standard drivers license. No endorsements at all. Pretty scary considering many would require a Class to drive if for hire. All it takes is the money to buy the big new toy. No skills or tests to show you can use it! Unless of course it only has 2 wheels lol


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