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    Rolled in around 10 got to the river around 11. walked down from pink salmon. crowds had had the fish backed up from the mouth and they were so think from about 75yard before the mouth to the ferry. No lie. In 6 hours hooked over 60. Landed over 30. Got my 3 of course and played catch and release for a long time and rotated some newbys in and got them thier fish too. It was just HOT HOT HOT. Now an hour after we left it could have died but I have been here since 1978 and it was in the top 3 best fish days i have ever seen.
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    I got to Pink Salmon at about 930AM. Fished above the sanctuary for a bit... a few were being landed but no big numbers... then walked all the way downstream to the confluence... People lined the Kenai where the clear and blue water meet... Literally hundreds of fish stacked on top of each other within 10 feet of where I was standing... caught my limit pretty quickly... The amounts seemed to die down a little toward late afternoon (around 430)... There was a 15 minute period where the majority of my short flips hooked something... Lots of people but all very friendly... saw one guy get wrapped up and fall in... GREAT DAY

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    Just walked in from an all-nighter. Fishing was ok, got my 3 in about an hour, below the ferry landing. It was pretty good, I guess not stellar though. One brownie catching fish pretty good though. People say all kinds of bad things about that place, but I have always enjoyed myself there. Walking around I still can't believe what I see there. Lines of people all catching salmon, a beautiful salmon stream flowing into the Kenai, and brown bears fishing right with the people. I can only try to explain that to people from back home.
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