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Thread: Coupon and Savings on M855 Ammo

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    Default Coupon and Savings on M855 Ammo

    I just got this email from DoubleTap:

    As you have most likely heard, the ammunition using the SS109 bullet commonly referred to as M855 by NATO will most likely be banned for sale but not possession on March 16th.
    We have been selling our handloaded match grade version of this load for 10 years both to civilians and to government agencies. We have just received a small quantity of the bullet and we are making loaded rounds right now. We are only selling these to civilians. We have discounted this load for retail sale on our website.
    In addition, for newsletter subscribers only, we are offering a M855 specific code giving you an additional 15% off the already discounted price.

    Go to:

    or to:

    Then type the code: M855
    into the COUPON CODE box in your cart to get your savings.
    This code will be valid until our current stock is gone. Stock up while you can, this is the best pricing we've ever had on this product and sadly it might be gone for good.

    Thanks again,
    Mike McNett
    Doubletap Ammunition

    I don't own anything that shoots it. I hope you guys can save on it.

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    Problem is shipping to AK. One needs to jump through the hazmat hoops.
    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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