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Thread: & now I need stitches again !!!!

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    Default & now I need stitches again !!!!

    I was fleshing a couple of Caribou capes this morning with my Havalon folding knife.

    I finished one & closed the knife & slid it in my pocket so I could salt the cape.

    Got that done so I start to work on the second cape.

    I slide my hand in my pocket & felt a bad sharp stick.

    Just in that instant I knew what had happened.

    There must have been a little Fat or meat under the blade when I folded it closed & when I slid my hand in the blade caught my skin & comensed to dig into my middle finger.

    Being a Scalpel blade the damage was done very quikly & when I jerked my hand out I had already made a 3 inch cut to the bone on my finger.

    I am glade this happened in my shop & not on a fly in hunt.

    I guess we all need a reminder of safety once in a while, I just wish they weren't as painful.

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    Dang, hope the finger gets better quickly

    I don't use scalpels (or said type knives) - maybe I am glad for that. I cut myself often enough. LOL
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    Ouch! Don't forget the tetanus shot if you haven't had one for awhile.....

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    Default Havalon..., urgggggg

    Ouch, I did this with a Havalon this fall taking the meat between the ribs on my moose. Good thing I had a 22 blade on instead of the 5" ones they come with., scalpels are sharp
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