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Thread: Samuel Whittemore

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    Default Samuel Whittemore

    ...Samuel walked to a secluded position behind a stone wall on Mystic Street, near the corner of what is now Chestnut Street in Arlington, and calmly settled in. Some of the Minutemen pleaded with Samuel to join them in their safer positions, but he ignored them. Soon the 47th Regiment of Foot, followed by the main body of British troops, appeared in view. On both sides of Whittemore, Minutemen were shooting at the approaching Redcoats and then sprinting away to where they could reload in safety.

    When the Redcoats came within range, he fired several shots with such speed and accuracy as to cause the British to assume that several men were assaulting them. The British commander sent a detachment to root old Samuel out.

    Samuel did not hesitate. With his musket he shot one of the Redcoats. Drawing his pistol he fired at another Redcoat. He aimed his second pistol and fired it just as the Redcoats fired at Samuel. As he fired the second pistol a ball fired by Redcoats hit Samuel in the head and he fell. The Redcoats beat him with their muskets, bayoneted him several times, and left him for dead...

    Find out what happened to ole' Samuel.

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