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Thread: Fort Richardson Rifle Match Summer Solstice 600yds

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    Default Fort Richardson Rifle Match Summer Solstice 600yds

    Lots of rfile shooting this week in Anchorage area. come on out and shoot!

    Thursay 21 June at Pedneau Range,Fort Richardson fun match at 600 yds Time 5:30PM till dark...unlimited sighters, 20 rds for record, 30 minute time limit, shoot what you want , how you want...

    Friday 0730 NRA Three Gun Mid Range Prone Rifle Match 30

    Saturday 0730 NRA High Power Rifle 80 Shot Regional Rifle Match

    Sunday 0730 CMP Excellence in Competion "LEG" Service Rifle Match foloowed by Team Match


    SB Silhouette 22 Rifle Match Sunday 0900 at Birchwood


    Good shooting!

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    Thumbs up Regional Championship

    The Alaska Rifle Club will host three days of matches this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Ft. Richardson's Pedneau Range. Sign up time will be 7:30 AM.

    Friday's match is a 600 yard three gun match. There will be 20 shots for record with unlimited sighters with each or the three catagories of rifle, service rifle, match rifle with iron sights, and any rifle any sight. Match fee is $20.00.

    Saturday the Regional Championship will be held. Sign up time is 7:30 AM and the match fee is $35.00. This is an 80 round High Power Match with sighters in each position. Match rifles or sevice rifles ar legal for this match.

    On Sunday we will hold a CMP leg match which is a 50 round match with a service rifle and no sighters. Sign up time is the same and match fee is $20.00.

    Each match stands alone, so you can go to all three or any one of your choosing.

    If you have any questions call me at 440-7213.

    Lee Watne


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