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Thread: I drew DM338 for non-resident moose in 13D.

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    Default I drew DM338 for non-resident moose in 13D.

    I'm an Idaho resident that got a little lucky and drew a moose tag for 13d. Now I could use some "local" assistance. In 2013 two of us did a drop hunt for a couple weeks but ended up eating the tag. Had the time of my life though! I'd like to DIY it again so does anyone recommend who to contact for flying? General location of the unit that I should look into? Anyone going that wants a hunting partner? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks for the help.

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    Meekins for flying out of the Palmer area. Lee's air taxi out of Glenallen.
    Any of the remote areas at the backs of the large lakes. Lots of private land so research that on the state mapper site.

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