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Thread: SE Alaska this july Salmon fishing?

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    Default SE Alaska this july Salmon fishing?

    We are in Ketchikan this summer fishing. We have been there in the fall for silvers but not the summer for the Chinook. If you were buying 4-5 flashers for trolling with the down riggers what ones would you buy and what spoons would you use?

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    This will get nearly as many different opinions as the caliber choice for AK, so I'll go first to begin the chaos. Long and short, everything works, most of it works very well. Preferences and confidence go longer than choice in my estimation. When I got to SE four years ago, I absorbed what lots of successful king fisherman said. Every one of them had a favorite, nearly every one conceded that lots of things work.

    It's hard to go wrong with a strung herring behind a flasher, I prefer white and silver flashers. That said, I have watched hoochies and coho killers beat them as often as the other way around. The issue with herring is all the restringing and finicky aspect of setting them up to flip right. And, everything will take a wack at it so expect lots of rerigging and checking of baits after each tug whehter it pops or not.

    For hoochies I am a big fan of good ol white, seconded by green and white, thirded by blue and white. Know several good fishermen here that are all about chartreuse, and lots like black/purple hoochies. I run about a 26 inch leader of 80 lb Jinkai, have not got into twinkle skirts but many swear by them.

    My most recent love affair is with coho killers in army truck and cop car. These little spoons catch everything from dinky shakers to nice fish. The hooks are a little small so you can't go yard on them when playing a fish, but my hookup rate for feeders and through the winter has beaten my favorite hoochie set up. I run 11 inch flashers, pick your brand.

    Speed will be the next round of opinions. I do agree that with herring, you get a better action slow. When runnign hoochies or coho killers I never go below 2 kts and will be up to 3 when with the tide or in the summertime when they have got the feedbag strapped on and that way i cover more ground (an important aspect in the Juneau area). I can't help you on KTN in particular but whatever works for kings anywhere will certainly work there as well.

    Ah yes, depth. I know guys that do well running 150 feet for feeders, I don't like the hassle and rarely go below 100, my feeder rods are usually set at 85 and 42........also a fan of 72 and 35 (personal superstitious favorites on past experiences).

    Ok, next opinion!

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    You might want to check the timing of the returns of kings to Herring Cove hatchery and Neets Bay. You might be late depending on when you get there.

    It can be very good from Hole in the wall to the point by Herring Cove trolling big spoons in Brass and Copper/Brass. Bigger spoons work the best. You need to be there at daylight. I would fish until I had to be to work at 8am most mornings we would limit, but only when the kings were stacked up off of the cove. I found the spoons out fished herring for the hatchery kings. If you are later then 10 july you need to run south of Duke Is for any good fishing for salmon plus you will kill the Halibut down there. We would anchor for halibut, and as one person would limit switch them to mooching for salmon. I will see if I can get the numbers of where we anchored.


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