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    Been very impressed using my ipad mini running foreflight app for flying. It is a subscription based app, but they have 30 day trial use. I have been playing with it and it appears that it may be a very handy way to use google earth type imagery for boat based navigation. Has anyone tried this for boat navigation and weather?? I will be giving it a go this spring and if I hunt my DM828, I will be running it along with my GPS.
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    At airplane speeds and distances, the on-board GPS is really good enough for anything you want to do.

    On the other hand, if you want to log a route when the conditions are good so you can drive that route when the conditions are bad on a river, the accuracy of the GPS become absolutely critical...

    I don't know what you are proposing to do with it, but keep in mind the position accuracy if you are doing something that is accuracy-dependent.
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