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Thread: Kodaik Island Fishing Regualtions

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    Default Kodaik Island Fishing Regualtions

    I am hoping to get some clarification on daily and possession limits near Kodiak for halibut and silvers.
    I have read the ADFG regs. but they are very confusing.
    I am taking my son to Alaska for his first time for 5 days at the end of August. It looks like the halibut regs have changed for this year to one any size and one 29" max but I am unable to find the possession limit info.
    Same for silvers: 5 per day but can't find any possession limit info.
    I would appreciate any help on this for anyone!

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    Salt waters...

    Silvers: 5 per day/5 in possession.

    Halibut: 2 per day/4 in possession.

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    AK below is correct, and incorrect. I was gonna PM ya, but you don't have enough posts.

    Halibut, 2 day, 4 possesion if not using a charter.
    If on a charter, 2 day, 1 any size, one under 29", doesn't matter which is taken first, limit of 5 a year.

    Salmon that aren't a king, 5 daily.....but..... in saltwaters within 1 mile of the road system, only 2 a day can be silvers.
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    Thanks for the replies. This is exactly the info I was looking for!!
    Looking forward the the trip!


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