My son, a friend, and I all drew a non-res tag, DL030 in Unit 3. I have been doing a little research for a while now, just in case we were successful in the draw. We will be hunting Kupreanof Island. Not going till the latter part of May, 2016, so it gives us a little more time to plan. We will drive from Kansas, as we have on our last 2 hunts to AK, to Prince Rupert, and then take the ferry to Petersburg. We have a friend in Petersburg that will take us to Kupreanof on his boat, and hopefully hunt with us. If anyone has info to share, would sure appreciate it. My research shows there should be plenty of bears, but I know it will be much different kind of terrain than what I have hunted before in AK. I've hunted the Middle Fork of the 40 Mile River area for moose and caribou, and the North Slope for caribou. Figure the best bet is to watch the tidal flats for bears feeding on sedge grass. Hope to do a little fishing also. Looking forward to another adventure! Knute