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    I'm thinking of fishing the Tal this summer and was wondering if anybody could recommend an air service for an unguided day trip. Thanks

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    Trail ridge or Regal on Lake hood.

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    I am not positive on this, but from my understanding the main access is either Judd Lake (headwaters area) or the canyon on the Skwentna below the Tal. For either of those it will also require someone to transport you to/from the good fishing areas in a boat. I have seen Rustís and Regal Air planes in the canyon, and I am sure others can land there also. Chris and Sarah at Talvista lodge may be able to help you with logistics as they are very nice and helpful, but may be busy with clients during fishing season.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Sportsman Air Service on Lake Hood. He flys for the lodges at Judd Lake (headwaters of the Tal). Good guy.


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