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Thread: Looking for info on a bear hide I bought at fur rondy last year

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    Default Looking for info on a bear hide I bought at fur rondy last year

    I don't know if it is possible to find out, but I figure social media might be able to help me.

    I obtained this bear cub (as a salted hide) at Anchorage Fur Rondy - AK Dept Fish and Game hide and horn auction last year.
    She is, I would guess, a 2 yr old brown bear - She has very long, blonde hair and extremely long front claws - indicating she had probably not been out of the den very long. She was shot in the head, if that will help anyone id her... Not sure if she was shot anywhere else.

    If you think you might have info or know someone who does, you can PM me here, or call the shop.

    Here is a FB link, if you want to pass the word around to others through that avenue.

    I just think it would be cool to have the story... was she dlp or taken out of season or ???? Inquiring minds, and all...
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    No info, but sweet job on that! Had a curious fox and a big glass ball on my last bear hunt. Great job! Just need some torn up buoy hanging on the driftwood


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