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Thread: I did not know and feel Silly that Ithica Guns is back

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    Default I did not know and feel Silly that Ithica Guns is back

    Spent the better part of a morning chatting with one of the dealers. Nice to see an old classic back in action and seems to be a USA company once more out of Ohio. They have a very special gun out as well in a 338 which I found interesting.

    mated to the action by experienced craftsmen committed to excellence. The result of this attention to detail produces Ĺ MOA accuracy or better.

    The Savior is Ithaca Precisionís .338 Lapua. It is exclusively tactical, and not a hunting rifle. This thing looks nasty.

    Not promoting them just found it interesting they are making some darn cool shooting sticks, plus Pistols and their traditional Model 37 Shotguns.

    Any Who!

    Take care.

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    Back when I lived in NY it was shotgun only and I had [and still have] a Ithaca 37 deerslayer and boy did it live up to the name. Pointed lighting fast, carried so well you'd forget it was there and as accurate as a slug gun there was. Never jammed or failed me in anyway in all weather. Now it's my HD and bear gun.

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    In my younger days I lusted after an Ultra Featherweight.

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    The Ithaca name has had a revolving door of investors, owners and production locations since the original Ithaca Gun Co. went bankrupt. It is a great American name and company and I'm glad it has survived in whatever form it is now.

    The old factory in Ithaca, near Fall Creek was on a very steep hill. I used to ride my bike up the road and it was steepest at the old factory. If I could make it past the factory, the worst was over!


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