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    Has anyone heard any news of a new launch into the Sag along the Dalton Highway? We were up last year and the launch at 45 mile appeared to be taking a turn towards the old launch, drying up. Sag water was fine and so was Ivishak, but launch was drying up. We tried to talk to different people up there because it seemed as though there were lots of other access points along the road that were closed off. We saw a few people drive down the stream bed from the launch to get into the main channel of the Sag, but we were told that was illegal. Has anyone heard or made any headway on getting a better launch opened up?


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    I'm not sure if the state is fully aware of the access issues up there. I wish they would turn one of the dikes into a public access launch right in that part of the main channel just downstream from the 50 mile launch. It's been several years since I've bothered fighting the crowds up there, but I would like to do the trip again. It would be a shame if Fish and Game started issuing citations to people at 45/46 mile because technically they are breaking the law by driving off road to access the river there. That is not an approved launch, so anything off the Dalton Highway there is off limits to drive on.

    Who knows, maybe the 50 mile stream will open back up again. I remember one year we launched right off the gravel road in the small channel you drive down into off the access road.


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