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Thread: boat lift for a lake

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    Default boat lift for a lake

    I'm thinking about installing a boat lift for my small pontoon boat (14' with 20hp). I currently have to launch and recover at a neighbors as my lake frontage is too steep for a ramp. I leave it in the water all summer and am thinking I would just as soon lift it for,the winter rather than pull it out. The water where this lift would go,is pretty shallow 3-4' I'm kind of hoping I could get a lift I could carry down in pieces and assemble on site. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Contact me if your interested, I sell Shoremaster and shoreline boat lifts.

    I have a small economy lift that would work for your boat depending on how wide your pontoon boat is. It is small light weight pieces that can fit in a plane or boat for delivery and assembled onsite.

    Burkeshore Marina


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