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    Ive been doing a lot of research on pike latley. South Rolly Lake seems to be one of the best road system lakes as far as northern pike go. I am planning on fishing the lake in the near future and was just wondering if anyone could offer any pointers. As far as lures or streamers to use, what would you guys suggest? Any locations on the lake or just general tips would also be very very appreciated.

    Thank you guys in advance.

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    Oh yeah sorry if I am coming of as bieng needy. But Being 18 and having to pay for college is definatly putting a crimp in my style. So I like to ask around before I commit to any trips.
    Thanks again,

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    They like flashing spoons spinners mice frogs pixie's herring pretty much anything you can through at them. If you are in the anchorage area i can show you were to get some monster pike plus i could use another fishing buddy.


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