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Thread: Skilak loop

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    Default Skilak loop

    Is there any fish in the ohmer lakes? Or engineer lake? On skilak lake loop road. And how thick is the ice on skilak?

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    I don't believe the Ohomer lakes have fish.
    IIRC they are shallow and winter kill would get them.
    You might google it to be sure.
    Engineer has fish but hasn't been stocked in over 10 years.
    Ice thickness on skilak is questionable. I was at the boat ramps the other day but didn't venture out.
    It didn't appear anybody had been on the lake at least since the last snow a couple weeks ago.
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    The Ohmers do have fish, Chris. In fact, there is reputed to be whitefish in the bigger lake (Lower?). I have caught rainbows in that one also, but they seem harder to catch than some other lakes. Definitely nothing to write home about. IMHO, only Skilak and Hidden are worth my fishing time, and they can be problematic and hit/miss.


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