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Thread: Larry Bartlett's new "Float Draggin' Alaska" Book in Stock!

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    Default Larry Bartlett's new "Float Draggin' Alaska" Book in Stock!

    Hi folks,

    Well, we've got Larry's new book, "Float Draggin' Alaska" in stock in our store. Stop on by and order your copy today. $39.95, 432 full-color pages with photos throughout, this book addresses the needs of our growing cadre of skinny creek, off-the-beaten-path float hunters looking for remote adventure in Alaska. Chock-full of stories from the field, both humorous and informative, this book addresses many issues faced by today's float hunters. We've got a complete writeup in the store, together with the entire Table of Contents and some sample pages, so you can see for yourself what you are getting in this completely new work on float hunting in Alaska. CLICK HERE to read our full writeup and to order your copy from our bookstore. The book also includes two DVDs; one involves a float hunt for moose with Larry and his partner, Mark Wade. The second full-length DVD captures an arduous float hunt filmed by a father-son team on a remote Alaska river. A great value!

    On a personal note, I have had a review copy for several days and am about halfway through it. The stories are hilarious, and though they hold their own for the entertainment value, Larry points out valuable lessons learned in connection with each one. This should resonate with those of us who learn best by making our own mistakes; those who have learned that when you are knocked down, the best course is to laugh at your failings, brush yourself off, and get back in the game. Larry does that with aplomb. The book also includes detailed reviews of his entire lineup of float hunting boats he developed himself, which are now on the market. Most importantly, Larry shares his own personal ethics concerning the Alaska float hunting experience and provides many practical suggestions for those of us interested in keeping Alaska as pristine as we have found it.

    A work of this magnitude is a major life achievement, and we offer our heartiest congratulations to Larry on completing yet another chapter in his career on the Alaska outdoors scene!

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    I think I'll save my money...

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    Right on Mike!!! Mine arrived this week and look forward to reading it.

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    Thanks Larry for The Book. I wasn't expecting it. Read it the same day it came in, cover to cover.
    Lots of great things to add to my list. May I suggest to add a xls spreadsheet with your CD/DVD which covers the base equipment/supplies needed for an easy float trip all the way to extreme adventure. I have one, which I add items/suggestions from your book and modify it based on the difficulty of the upcoming hunt.
    I appreciated your 3/9 lives. Interesting how we survive. I survived an Avalanche, buried me up to my neck. Bike wreck and cancer.
    Have a great 15', I'm looking forward to our Float Hunt!

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    Hey jeff, thanks for the notes. Yeah, i like the idea of spreadsheets for gear lists. What I did instead was add 6 blank pages for personal notes in the back of the book. This allows us to jot down important gear list topics for each hunt we pursue, as well as general lessons not to forget the next time out. This way guys can make their own personalized spreadsheets written inside the book...

    Hope it works that way.

    Thanks for the support.


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    Wow, too cool! I'm going to order the book and looking forward to reading it. I got Mike's book and really enjoyed it. This one should be good too!


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