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Thread: A new Packraft in Town!

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    Default A new Packraft in Town!

    Just a note to see if any of you have seen or tried out the new "BakRaft"? Looks very durable, and promising. Repairs are going to be a breeze, and the material may be stronger than some current models on the market. Check it out at THIS LINK!

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    Cool. I might just need to make a trip to AR&K if they have one on the floor Haha

    The thing I notice right away though is a lack of tie down grommets. Those could easily be added though.

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    looks like a mini traveler in shape and hull design. I'd be interested to inspect the fabric. sounds cool.

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    Looks more like a smaller original Aire Puma which paddle well enough I'd buy a third one

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    Very interesting,, if I'm not mistaken Dyneema is used to make both high strength fishing line and synthetic rope, both of which are incredibly light and strong.
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    They've (industry) been talking about this fabric for at least three years that I know of. I've been curious who would try it first. I like the weight properties, but not so much the bladder concept. If it works, good for them. Not a lot of info on the company though. curious their affiliations and history of boats.

    the hull design limits load hauling, but whitewater fun it will serve well.

    I see that they website states it's an AIRE BAKraft teamup. we'll see.


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    All that's missing is the price-tag?

    Our Rafts


    Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz
    Length: 84″
    Inner Width: 17″
    Outer Width: 42″
    Max Tube Diameter: 13″

    Self-Bailing Floor

    Utilizing the technology and experience of Aire Industries, we’ve added an inflated floor with drain pockets that drains quickly and efficiently and also adds hull rigidity from bow to stern. This stiff I-beam floor creates a 4.5” solid cushion between you and the rocks and water beneath.

    Hybrid Kayak/Raft Design

    By taking the traditional inflatable kayak and making it shorter and rounder, we’ve gained the storability and lightness of a pack raft, but kept the sleek aerodynamic qualities that make a kayak slice effortlessly through both rough and calm water.

    Whitewater Valves

    Even though other valve types may be lighter, we’ve refused to compromise on valve style or quality. Using the same valves you’d see on a full size raft, inflation time, deflation time and durability are non-negotiable.

    Ultra Light Weight

    The BAKraft is the lightest self-bailing pack raft on the market. A proprietary Dyneema support fabric shell is tough yet light, providing strength 10x that of quality steel of equal weight. Using this American made fabric, we’ve been able to add extra diamond shaped Dyneema support to this light, yet strong shell.

    Dual-Membrane Design

    A 100% air tight urethane bladder provides superior air retention (0% loss over 48 hours when tested). Two layers provides backcountry confidence through added durability. If you do happen to puncture both layers, this system also lends to easier in field repairs; just unzip to expose the urethane bladder, stick on the patch and go.
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    a little more info on the raft. Looks like it will be about 1200 bucks

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    Looks like fun but hard on the back with that style of backrest.

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    Those are almost identical in shape and size to a Padillac, a bit shorter with the big difference being weight of course. I used a Padillac in CR a few years ago, they are fairly zippy and stable, but the width is a little to wide for my taste, it made it hard to get a paddle upright enough for a proper hard forward stroke.


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