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Thread: Rebuilding a old GlasPly

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    Successful first trip, had to reseal the intake in the Valdez parking lot. NAPA had the parts, sure beat driving back to Fairbanks, and it wasn't raining.
    Ran to Cordova and BACK. 250 miles total, had a 3 blade 15 P that worked quite well, cruise 24-28 MPH at 3200-3300, ~2.3 -2.6 MPG. Max speed 40 at 4500-4600, burning 2 MPG.
    Pretty happy, everything worked as well as it did. However, going around Knowles head midday on Sunday was more excitement than I was interested in.
    We even caught one rockfish..... man that was a expensive fish, they should start getting cheaper.... haha
    “Nothing worth doing is easy”

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    What an improvement over the original! Beautiful!!!!
    Check out Quickwater Adventure water taxi/transport services:

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