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Thread: Halibut by catch letters

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    Default Halibut by catch letters

    Hi I am at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting in Seattle and I was blown away by the volume of quality letters written by members of this forum. Everyone is wondering how sportfishermen got informed about the Magnuson Stevens national standards. Your comments. Out numbered both commercial and charter combined!.
    Thank you for making good comments and getting them in front of decision makers. You should expect results and be proud to exercise your rights as a stakeholder and as Americans.
    There will be one more chance to comment on final action and I will keep you posted.

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    Glad to hear it, Andy! It was a pleasure to write in, and I am glad to hear that it accomplished something! Please do keep us in the loop!

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    I was gone and missed out on the letter writing, but, did want to say a big THANK YOU, for all you hard work!!!

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    Awesome! The sportfishing voice for years has been represented by the charter groups which in turn get dominated by the commercial groups. It's certainly not the case that there are more commercial fisherman or charter operations. I think its typically because they are just more organized with dollars as a powerful incentive. It's great to see that a forum like this one can inform and make a call to action that produces results like this.

    It's easy to complain, but at the end of the day, you have to participate in the process no matter how painful if you expect any results to your liking. Great job and thank you to the folks who run this site!

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    This is great news!

    Thank you for keeping us all posted AKCAPT, these forums can be a powerful tool for educating the public about how to make our voices heard. Let's hope the Council takes note and makes some meaningful reductions in halibut bycatch!


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