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Thread: Slower and Colder but Kings still Close

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    Default Slower and Colder but Kings still Close

    Well after some thought, I decided I had to go fishing on Super Bowl Sunday instead of watching the game. I guess being a Seahawks fan, I made the right choice because that ending would have been just a heart breaker to watch live.

    It seems a little cold but the forecast looks ok. Get out of the pass and the flats before Sterling and it's 8 below zero! What? That's not what the weather report predicted. I hope its not 20 degrees colder than forecast in Homer! Get to Homer and its upper twenties to low thirties depending on the weather station. Wind was over 10 knots but the worst part I think was the wind seemed to be coming from the Southeast instead of the Northeast and so it did create some chop right in front of the Hotel.

    Caught the fish using red label herring. I did catch a couple of nice clean p-cod and a yellowfin sole as well.

    30 inch fish that was one of the fatter kings I have managed here. Had it for dinner Monday and it was AWESOME!

    This king makes 6 consecutive months I have landed a king in saltwater from a kayak. Having called Alaska home since about 1971, I still have a hard time believing it can be done! It really is the kayak. Safety: I would not be trailering an ocean worthy vessel as often a I fish in these icy winter road conditions. Economics: Tough to drive 450 miles round trip for a chance at a single king salmon. But in a 30 mpg Honda civic its a lot less painful.

    So here's the video:

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    Nice job Rudy!
    I got out in (motor) boat yesterday with 2 rods out we boated 3. Mine was a 20 pound white King. Everyone seems to be doing pretty well down there with the winter kings.
    Way to stay at it!

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    Good job, looks like you were rocking and rolling out there
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    Thanks Cod and Hoose! Yah it was rocking for a few hours. Wind seemed to have a southerly component and that allowed a few of the rollers to sneak in from the east side of the spit to the west side.

    It was completely dead until after high slack and the current started running. good sonar returns that produced two nice healthy cod in the 10 pound range. One yellow fin sole. Frankly given what I saw on the sonar, I'm a little surprised I didn't hook up more.

    Well trying to dial in a plan for the winter king tournament. I;ve water taxi'd out the past two years. I;m thinking I will sray by the spit this year if I can manage another fish prior to the derby!


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