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Thread: THeory on eklutna tailrace kings...

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    Default THeory on eklutna tailrace kings...

    I bet this years run decided to run up the eklutna river for some reason instead of the tailrace (same water source) I mean there should be about 4000 of them in there by now right?
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    Default Eklutna tail race

    In just the past few days there has been a few fish caught at the mouth of the tailrace. I wouldn't call it steady or consistant but there have been several fish caught mostly on pink vibrex or eggs. It is noticably better today than it was a week ago. I think the fish were just late, just like they have been pretty much everywhere else too.

    I took my nieghbors son out with me tonight to catch this 20+ lb king. I wouldn't call one hook up in 4 hours hot fishing but it was still a nice day to be out and about. Was also neat to watch a kid catch his first king.
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    The kings are in the Knik in good numbers but they just havent quite made it up to the parking lot as of yet. The water was really low this year and they seemed to be schooling up in areas that are not open to king fishing.

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    Went down there a few weeks ago -- there were no fish. In the last few days, I have saw a few caught. They had a lot of color. But slow is a good description. Have any of you been getting little bumps on your gear sitting on the bottom with eggs? Saw one guy hook the "suspected" dolly bite and then the water crashed with a king. The few that are in their seem to be nibblers or shy. That may change? Might try it out in a couple of days.

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    Talking Kings are coming

    Two friends went out and caught two in just over a hour yesterday am.


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