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    I have heard rumor that NR builds 1000+ boats a year.With that kind of production you don't need to make alot per unit to make your bottom line huge.I looked at a NR OS 26' yesterday, WOW what a nice boat.The dealer told me I could order a 26' x 9'6" minus power for $58000.Will NR prices bring the other boat manufactures prices down.Why buy used when you can get a new NR cheaper?I have been on the boattrader looking at aluminum boats, and the NR seem to be cheaper.For instance I saw a Ottercraft 26' for $135000.Hell I can get a new 30' Seahawk cheaper.What is the best time of the year to buy a boat?

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    I love North River boats. They are made 1.5 hours from where I am from, I have visited them a few times. Great boats, and also about the nicest looking jet boats to boot (in my opinion).
    Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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