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Thread: Federal Subsistence Board recent decision on defining rural/non-rural

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    Default Federal Subsistence Board recent decision on defining rural/non-rural

    On a related note.....

    The Federal Subsistence Board is in the process of re-defining how they determine rural/non-rural for the purposes of establishing a subsistence priority. The link is here:

    This is a Federal register notice.

    In short, the FSB will no longer define what is rural. They will define what is urban (non-rural). Everything else will be, by definition, rural.

    This does not seem directly related to the issue on the KP. It appears to have been in the works for awhile.

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    Here's what I found for what's Urban.

    §242.23 Rural determinations.

    (a) The Board has determined all communities and areas to be rural in accordance with §242.15, except those set forth in this paragraph. You may obtain maps delineating the boundaries of nonrural areas from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Subsistence Management.
    The nonrural areas include:

    (1) Anchorage, Municipality of;
    (2) Fairbanks North Star Borough;
    (3) Homer area—including Homer, Anchor Point, North Fork Road area, Kachemak City, and the Fritz Creek East area (not including Voznesenka);
    (4) Juneau area—including Juneau, West Juneau, and Douglas;
    (5) Kenai area—including Kenai, Soldotna, Sterling, Nikiski, Salamatof, Kalifonsky, Kasilof, and Clam Gulch;
    (6) Ketchikan area—including all parts of the road system connected to the City of Ketchikan including Saxman, Pennock Island and parts of Gravina Island;
    (7) Prudhoe Bay;
    (8) Seward area—including Seward and Moose Pass;
    (9) Valdez; and
    (10) Wasilla/Palmer area—including Wasilla, Palmer, Sutton, Big Lake, Houston, Point MacKenzie, and Bodenburg Butte.
    (b) [Reserved]

    [72 FR 25697, May 7, 2007]

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    It would relate in that federal standards would still define areas like Ninilchik and Cooper Landing as subsistence whereas state standards would not, if I understand it correctly.

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    Remember the listed "§242.23 Rural determinations" are what is current, not what will be. That is what I gleaned from the federal register. They have proposed a list of factors that will determine if the community/area is "non-rural". It's pretty thick in the register itself, hard to desiminate.
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