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Thread: Montana or Caswell Creek

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    Default Montana or Caswell Creek

    Has anyone fished Montana or Caswell Creek this year? How is the fishing going?

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    Caswell : Fished last week for 1.5 hours....absolutely no sign of anything rolling and no signs of fish

    Montana : Fished pretty much straight all this weekend...our party pulled out one, a 17-20 pound jack, but there were fairly consistent hook-ups happening. I'd say one every 15-30 minutes. A lot of smaller class fish, 15-20 pounds, but a couple very nice 25-40 lbs chromers.

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    Montana Creek....VERY low. End up actually fishing the 1/4 mile portion down stream of the mouth, than the mouth/creek itself. Water is low, low, low. Got there at 5:30 am and caught 2 Kings (15-20 pounds) pretty quick. Released them as I had all day to fish yet and didn't drive from North Pole to come home with a jack after 45 minutes of fishing. Anyway, had a few other hook ups (one biggun) that I lost but it was a great day. One thing to note...when the sun came up over the trees it pretty much shut down (@ 10am-3:30 pm or so) although a few fish were caught here and there. It was very HOT and Sunny which kept fish inactive, but many larger fish could be seen rolling in the deeper channels out beyond casting range. Folks said early morning and evening fishing was great...and I bet it was based on the blood stains along the shore. Vibrax spinners and plain ole corkies worked well for most folks catching them; I caught mine on chartruese vibrax and gold Pixie with pink center. Fish and game was out checking on folks too. No gun fights or drunkin idiots, and got to see a very large lady get stuck in the muck and fall flat on her behind. She got a little wet, and her pride was hurt, but she'll live to wade another day! But it was fun to watch and would have won me $10,000 on Funny Home Videos had I taped all in all, a great day fishing. Oh, one more thing... talked to several non-residents, most were not familiar with the local fishing regs for this area and just did what others had told them what was right... oh well..hope they were getting good advice. I told one guy he could keep 20 jacks over 10 inches; or was the 10 jacks over 20 inches, I cant remember! ;-)
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