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Thread: Polaris 500 issues

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    Default Polaris 500 issues

    Does polaris have a built in safety device that shuts the engine down prior to it overheating?

    I was out on the Kings river trail, got sidetracked cuz there are so many different trails out there, and ended up in a mud bog. The cooling fan was running pretty much constant, and I had to use the winch to help pull a buddy's Yamaha battery light comes on for a few minutes and then the engine shuts off.

    What I am thinking is that the engine shuts off due to low battery not enough battery power to run the fan, no fan to cool the engine, and then it shuts itself off.

    After about 15 minutes of checking to make sure I have no fuel leaks more issues the rest of the trip.

    Am I way off on this one?

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    When my buddies 500 Polaris overheated the console said 'HOT' and the engine shutdown. Sounds like you had a similar experience.


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